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Ali is insanely talented and great person to work with. We we're refered to him by a family friend. He transformed our empty yard into an oasis. His prices were very reasonable and his ideas were perfect for our little corner.

Great company to work with. I definitely recomend this great company.

Best of luck! - Agatha H, West Hollywood, CA

prime gardens is an amazing company! I hadn't done a thorough clean-out of my front and back yards since I moved into my house 5 years ago, so there was a lot that needed to be done. Ali not only responded quickly to my initial call, but he and his crew (along with a giant dumpster) then came in under a week. In 3 days, they completely cleaned out all the plants and yard space, tilled the compacted planting beds, added organic soil and amendments, trimmed back a very large, very bothersome tree, installed a much needed, updated timer on my sprinkling system, and finished it all off with wood chips around the plants that make the entire property look uniform and beautifully professional. 
I love that Ali didn't try to have me do more than was necessary. I had mentioned adding more plants to bring in some color. He suggested waiting to see how my existing plants grow, now that they have the proper soil and watering conditions, and see in the spring if any additions are needed. Perfect idea.
The guys were delightful, worked incredibly hard and really knew what they were doing. Ali and Sina stopped by a couple times each day to make sure all was going well. Their prices were very reasonable considering the amount of work that was done. Couldn't be happier - they are now my Gardening Professionals for life! - Wendy R., Studio City, CA

I had always wanted to change my backyard, but I never really had the time or the right ideas. I finally decided to MAKE the time. I found prime gardens online and gave them a call. Sina was really nice and accommodating for my busy schedule. He and Ali showed up promptly the next day, took a look at my backyard and we started talking about ideas.They had really great ideas and even brought some samples with them. We finally decided on a design and we set a time for the next week. They showed up with their crew right on time. They worked for 4 days on my backyard, starting with cleaning the mess that it was. The end results are amazing and just like what we talked about. It was really nice working with them and I am really happy with their service. - Lacey S., NORTHRIDGE, CA

I hired Prime gardens to take care of my mom's very large yard after my father passed away. First, we needed to update the sprinklers to cover not just the turf, but the many planters, fruit trees, etc. that had been hand watered. That meant adding two more stations, replumbing and rerouting lines and tying all 12 stations into a smart controller. We also removed over 1,000 sq. ft. of turf and replaced it with decomposed granite.

Ali is the sales guy and Sina coordinates the actual work.

We were very pleased with the results and the timeliness of the work. It's hard to find contractors who show up when they are supposed to be there and actually finish the job on time and for the contract amount. A few of the valve actuators didn't work and they were right there to fix everything whenever a problem cropped up, with no additional charge.

We hired PG again to take out the turf on our parkway (over 400 sq. ft.), install soaker hose and drought-resistant ground cover. We went through several iteration of the job before we settled on the final choice, and Ali was very helpful with giving us estimates, talking to LA about permits (ugh) and explaining why some choices cost more than others. Again, the work was done promptly, everything was cleaned up and now we are saving even more water.

While the place isn't attended to daily as it was when my dad was alive, the work done by PG maintains the property beautifully and my mom is very pleased. She's no longer strong enough to lift hoses, rake leaves or turn on sprinkler valves. In fact, she probably would have had to sell and move if things weren't kept up nicely, to her high expectation and standards. Trust me, she will tell you if something isn't to her liking.

The only billing problem I had was when I'd paid a bill through Ali, but Sina didn't know that it has been paid. That was only one time and all it took was a text message to clear it up. I like the fact that I can contact them by text or email or phone and these guys have been very responsive to all my requests. I think you pay a small premium for this service - it's not just a mow 'n blow operation. However, it's just what we were looking for and my mom always gets compliments on the property. - Todd B., West Hollywood, CA

Tun, tun, tunnnnn!

Finally got my damn dirt outta my backyard, kinda feel like a cool kid now :)

First of all, out of all the places I had been calling, Ali was the fastest to get back to me and give me a very reasonable price. He was very helpful in showing me what would be a best fit for my budget and idea.

The service was great, the guys were great, and my yard looks like something out of a Disney movie :) I'd totally use them again & refer them to all my friends.

The guys are very friendly and know what they're doing.

Don't b-lee me, je' watch!

-Thanks Ali, your team was awesome! - Diana V., North Hollywood, CA

I had an empty dirt covered backyard. What to do? Well, after asking around I came across prime Gardens.. I emailed them initially as I found there ad online after being referred by another customer. Sina was very good about replying online to email inquiries, though it usually took him a day as he replies in the evenings. I explained to him what i was looking for: a backyard with a certain sized lawn, surrounded by ground cover and shrubs along the vinyl fence, and a shade tree area on one end and flower garden on the other. We set up an appointment and met to discuss it at the property.

The day of the appointment, he arrived early with clipboard and measuring tape on hand. We discussed what kind of grass would be used based on usage and water consumption for valley weather;, how to shape the lawn to minimise cost and still get maximum usage and coverage; we covered the kinds of plants to use, salvaging a couple bushes already on the property (but moving them appropriately), and finally the kid of shade tree and flowers.

We also discussed the irrigation situation as it needed new sprinklers and drip irrigation to keep the new lawn alive. He noted the grading of the yard, the type of soil and what would be needed to prepare for a lawn without flooding etc during storms.

Then he took all this info and provided me with a full quote inclusive of trimming existing bushes and moving them, preparing the soil properly, and removing all wastes afterwards. They bring their own portable Lavatory so no access to the home was needed. His quote was just a bit higher than another outfit, but his presentation and proposal covered everything. I told him we wanted to select him if he could just match the other quote and he agreed.

Sina and his crew finished within 3 days. Unbeknownst to me, he went back to check on the yard for the next month to make sure the sod took and did the first mowing to make sure everything was being properly watered and such.

I was stunned at how nice things were, and to this day we are happy with the job.

Cannot say enough good things about a vendor that does his best to keep in touch all while actually going on site to make sure the work is done properly. He is busy, they are busy, but he reports back anything he sees and for all of that, I give them five stars. - A S., Tarzana, CA

I wish I had found these guys years ago! I called and emailed a few landscaping companies. Ali was the only person who got back to me in 24 hours. He made an appointment, confirmed it and showed up on time!! I was immediately impressed by his professionalism and knowledge.

Today the workers came and cleared out the horrible overgrown mess of our hillside property. Ali and Sina came by several times to oversee the work. It was done exactly as promised and for a fair price.

Next we're having them do landscaping and weekly maintenance. I'm very, very pleased with the customer service, attentiveness and follow-through.

UPDATE: (August 16, 2013) We had our front yard landscaped and WOW, what an amazing difference. I can hardly believe it's the same space - it looks "done" in the best possible way, very professional, just beautiful. Again, wonderful experience! If you're looking for a gardening/landscaping service that offers great communication and fair prices in addition to doing excellent work, then give Prime gardens a try! You'll be glad you did. - Nina S., Calabasas, CA

Do yourself a favor. Pick up the phone and call Ali and Sina. I recently had a lot of work done by Ali and Sina and I am very pleased. First. Ali calls you back, quickly. That's a big plus. I called several landscapers, aside from ali only one other ever called me back or came out and they never got me a quote. Ali came out and gave me a number on the spot to tear out the over run neglected propety. was such a good price I said let's do it and figure out the rest later.

So this part is important. They showed up on the date and time promised and worked their butts off. The value of this can not be understated. When you take time out of your schedule to be home for work, contractors better show up and a lot don't. These guys do, and they bust their butts all day long starting at 7am. They ripped the 6 foot weeds and jungle out of my yard, took down a rock wall etc.. took us down to the bare bones in 1 day. After that I said let's talk. Ali came by with his samples of Artificial turf, stones, etc, We had a flat stone walkway we wanted to extend and we ultimately turned it into an extra drive way.

This part is important. Their stone guy Marco is an artist. What he did to match our 20 year old flatstone was awesome. You can't match 20 year old stones and grout, but damn did he get close. Give it a year of age and sun and I'm sure it will be spot on. This was a big job and his price was fair. Better than fair, they could charge twice the amount for his work, We were so happy, we requested marco do our stucco retaining wall, that I was going to try and do myself due to outrageous quotes others gave me. NGs price was half what others quoted, so i said do it. BEST DECISION EVER. Marco once again, slayed it. Matched the stucco on our house, SPOT ON. More important. He did it right. Filled it with concrete, rebarb and weeping holes. Everyone that has walked by our property is blown away by NGs work. Several people already reached out to them in our neighborhood.

I was having new windows installed in my house and I wanted to keep the stucco edge instead of the vinyl trim replacement windows use. After seeing marco's stucco work we begged him and ali to do the stucco match around our windows. This is a lousy job for any stucco guy. No one wants to do it. It's a small job, takes forever, costs more than homeowners want to pay for it and they will never be happy with the match, because you can't match etc etc. Guess what... Marco and ali agreed to do it for us.. Granted we were spending a lot on the whole job, but they stepped up and did us a solid... Guess what. Marco Slayed it again. SPOT ON MATCH... the guy is a frikin artist.

NGs bread and butter is artificial turf. We decided to go with artificial for the front and back yards because I'm a slacker and will never take care of real grass. their final work was beautiful. They edged it all around the natural scape and rocks in the yard. Listen to what ali tells you. Don't do straight edges, I was telling him I want straight edges, he said don't do it... Reluctantly I listened to him. Best decision, it looks awesome, looks real.

what else can I say. Call these guys. Their prices are very fair and their work is top notch. - B I., Thousand Oaks, CA

prime gardens offers exceptional gardening services at a very fair price. When I first called them, Sina, one of the owners, called me back within minutes, and made an.appointment with me. At our meeting, he set out a scope of work and made sure that we both understood the terms of our contract.

When his guys showed up, Sina was there to lay them out, and, although he wasn't on site for the entire job (more than one day was involved), his supervision of his workers was excellent.

The results of the extensive yard and hill clean-up is just beautiful. I immediately received calls from two neighbors complimenting me on my house's "new look" and asking for the name of the company that had done the work.

I'm very glad that I called prime gardens and intend to have them do more work for me in the near future. - Madeline L., Los Angeles, CA

Ali & his team at prime gardens are really TERRIFIC!! They did a really great job above-and-beyond what we thought would come from our small project.  We hired them to come and clean up our backyard planter (it's really long around the property line).  They gave us a very fair estimate and Ali stayed the entire day with his gardeners to get the job done.  They were very clean, picked up after themselves, took all the trash & debris with them.  We were really pleased with the final result!!!  Ali even drove all the way out to a gardening center in Calabasas to get the plants that same day!  We would highly recommend him & his company to any friend or family member, and would hire them again when we need another gardening / landscaping project in the future. - Ernie B., West Hollywood, CA

My backyard was suffering terribly from my neglect, so I decided to try artificial grass this time around. When I called prime gardens and set up an appointment with Sina. He brought along more samples of artificial grass that I imagined ever existed and was really helpful in choosing the right type. My backyard looks amazing now. - Martin M., Encino, CA


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