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Benefits of tree in your garden

Benefits of tree in your gardenWhile landscape trees provide many benefits, their size and proximity to people and structures can result in potential liability risks. When trees are poorly planted or neglected over their lifetimes, the risk of tree failure, property damage, and personal injury increases. These risks, however, can be minimized when trees are planted well and receive proper and timely maintenance. In this chapter, management concepts and practices are introduced to maximize benefits and minimize risks in your community’s landscape.

Importance of Irrigation System Backflow Prevention Devices

Importance of Irrigation System Backflow Prevention DevicesIrrigation system backflow prevention devices are used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution.

You should have a backflow preventer on your irrigation system if your water comes from a “potable” (drinkable) source. In most homes the landscape irrigation system and the potable water system are one and the same. If your irrigation water source is considered potable, then in most places it is illegal to not have the proper local authority-approved type of backflow preventer on your irrigation system.

The Advantages of Irrigation Systems

The Advantages of Irrigation SystemsThe benefits of an automatic irrigation system include convenience, full landscape coverage, the ability to control irrigation timing, and added value to your property. Both drip and sprinkler irrigation systems have controllers that can be preset for specific daily and weekly watering and your water bill will be lower if the irrigation system is effective.

Watering with a wide open garden hose may allow too much water to seep into the soil and can takes substantial time and early morning and evening watering rituals take away from family and work. As a result, nutrients leach out with the water runoff, leaving the plants with fewer nutrients available.


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